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Paediatric Restorations in SE Edmonton

We offer the same type of dental fillings for children as we do for adults. By treating your child’s teeth as if they were adult teeth, we can ensure the best durability and oral health in the years ahead.

Why Does My Child Need a Filling?

Dr. Paul checking little girls teethBaby teeth can decay at accelerated rates, due to their less dense layer of enamel. By intercepting cavities as early as possible, we can delay the spread of decay deeper into the tooth or adjacent teeth.

Treating cavities while they are small helps restrict the restoration to a small filling. Otherwise, the infection may spread to the nerve and require a baby root canal and crown.

What to Expect

Our practice uses a special tool that helps your child stay open while also soaking up the water. This measure keeps your child comfortable but it also allows us to complete multiple fillings at once. Ultimately, we strive to help your child feel relaxed, limiting the need to refer them to a separate paediatric dentist.

After your child’s tooth is gently numbed, we’ll remove the decayed structures, prep the underlying tooth, then bond the filling into place. You can expect your child’s mouth to feel numb for a few hours afterward.

Symptoms of Paediatric Tooth Decay

Not all cavities cause tooth pain. Your child may not even have visible discoloration or holes in their teeth. Common signs and symptoms include

  • Food catching between teeth
  • Sore teeth or gums
  • Sensitivity to certain types of food/drink
  • Infrequent flossing

During your child’s exam, we will use special imaging to see between teeth to screen for decay in hard-to-reach areas.

Early Treatment is Essential

Treating cavities early prevents them from spreading. In turn, your child can enjoy minimal treatment and a more comfortable experience in the years ahead.

Schedule an exam for your child every six months. Contact our family practice today to reserve an appointment.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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